Mental Health Education Kit   |  Information Design & Editorial

Added Sugar   |  Information Design & UI/UX

Drive Thru Voice  |  Motion Graphics

Glysomed Lotion   |  Branding & Packaging

Jurassic Park Literary Study   |  Information Design

Town Hall  |  Typeface Design

About Me

I am a graphic designer who is passionate about design that is functional, practical, and innovative. 


I have recently completed my fourth and final year of study in the York/Sheridan Program in Design. I am interested in information design, branding and packaging, but I am also open to exploring other areas of design and continuing to develop new skills.

I have been enthusiastic about the arts in both visual and musical forms since I can remember. My aim is to turn my life long passions into my career by constantly seeking to broaden my creative skills.



(905) 809–0102

Toronto, ON

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